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Never one to understate its feature movies, Walt Disney Co. deployed a corrugate and graphics aisle display that dominates everything for 20 feet – in any direction. The imagery is spectacular. You almost expect Belle and the Beast to dance right off the display.

To support the latest “Batman” movie from Warner Bros. and The Lego Group, they created a two-sided version of Batman as the largest Lego you’ve ever seen. This 3-D corrugated wonder owes the store associates credit for doing a fantastic job assembling a complicated unit.

The latest version of the apparently endless “King Kong” saga – from Warner Bros. – features this somewhat “scattered” corrugated version of a display. The image of Kong is fierce and malevolent, the section with the DVDs is fine and the film shots are OK but probably not needed.

L’Oreal USA has produced some of the best cosmetic displays over the years to match its fine line of beauty products. These thermo-formed units continue that tradition – with one graphics twist that I found particularly sharp.

When a simple, small corrugated PDQ provides display space for an entire family of products for your “whole family,” I consider it a big winner. Blistex Inc.’s Odor-Eaters tackles a not-so-nice problem with very nice solutions.

What I like about this basic corrugated PDQ tray from Windmill Health Products is its simplicity and focus on the product, features and benefits. The core white color makes the copy, graphics and product packages pop and really showcases the “drink your greens” tagline.

I’m not sure if the hardware/housewares manager in the mass merchandiser should promote or counsel the associate who created this "display" for plastic hangers.

In the middle of February each year, the Valley of the Sun (i.e., the Phoenix market) becomes home to the huddled masses yearning to get warm and watch major-league baseball teams in spring training.

These K-Y products from RB may have been behind the pharmacy counter years ago, but now they have become "mainstream."

Can there be a display when there is no display present?

This wire unit is so simple, yet so effective.

This island of “Batman” and Lego toys and accessories dominated the front end of a major mass retailer.

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