Quotient (Crisp Mobile) Finds Sweet Spot at P2PI

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Quotient (Crisp Mobile) Finds Sweet Spot at P2PI

By Ed Finkel - 12/03/2018
Jim Selden

Total immersion. That’s probably the best way to describe the approach of Crisp Mobile – and more recently Quotient Technology, which acquired Crisp in 2017 – toward involvement with the Path to Purchase Institute and more recently P2PI’s new parent organization, Ensemble IQ.

“It meant strong, quality exposure to the very audience that we were looking to reach,” says Jim Selden, senior vice president of marketing with Quotient, which has been involved with the Institute since about 2015 when he worked for Crisp. “P2PI provided that shopper marketing audience that we were trying to reach, and we really couldn’t find anywhere else. It provided the tools to reach them – that’s the bottom line. And it always goes out of its way to think strategically and be helpful in thinking through ways to reach their audiences.”

Quotient holds to the philosophy that a brand should not spread its touchpoints too far and wide, lest they become too thin, Selden explains. “It’s a heavy focus on the audience you want to reach, and go all-in,” he says. “We identified the Path to Purchase Institute as the media company that had the exact audience we wanted to reach. If that’s what you want to do, you can’t just come in and do one sponsorship here and one page [of advertising] there. It’s not going to work.”

Since the beginning of the decade through October 2018, Crisp and Quotient collectively have:

  • Run a total of 48 ads in Shopper Marketing magazine, including several solution provider guide ads, most recently the “2018 Guide to Digital Shopper Marketing.”
  • Sponsored several white P2PI white papers, the most recent of which, titled, “Retail Performance Marketing and the Birth of the Retail-owned Media Brand,” appeared in September. They’ve also sponsored P2PI i-seminars the past two years.
  • Attended the Path to Purchase Expo every year since 2011, served as an exhibitor six of the past seven years and a track host for four of the past six years, and appeared in multiple speaking slots, most recently appearing with Albertsons to review case study results from RPM programs the two companies jointly executed. Quotient also co-presented with Procter & Gamble a year earlier, a session titled, “If You Go Digital, Merchandising Will Come.”
  • Attended the Path to Purchase Summit every year since 2015, serving as a track host two of the past four years and co-presenting with Mondelez International a session in 2018 titled, “Digital Disruption: Succeeding in a Fast-Changing CPG and Retail Marketplace,” which examined the evolution of the two companies’ partnership.
  • Served as a host company at StratConn digital shopper marketing meetings for seven of the past nine years and been a member of P2PI’s League of Leaders since 2015.

Selden says Crisp Mobile first contacted the Institute when the company wanted to shift its strategy and focus on the shopper marketing space. “We gained a strong presence with sponsorship opportunities, the magazine, and a presence at shows and conferences,” he says. “The Institute did a great job helping us establish our presence as a top tech brand. Because we used all of the tools you provided to us, we made a strong impression. We even did a pre-post study at the time, looking at our awareness, and we grew awareness dramatically in the community. It’s been a great relationship that’s carried over into Quotient.”

Crisp and Quotient have not had particularly different goals or objectives with each of the touch points, Selden says. “It was a combination of everything,” he says. “We got in at the highest levels, as [P2PI] members and then League of Leaders members, with track sponsorships at the events to raise our profile.

"We also took advantage of speaking opportunities. That’s what you want to do. You want to surround the audience with your messages, whether it’s the magazine, a seminar or another event. It was the combination of those things that helped us to impact the audience and build our awareness. Of course, it drove business, as well.”