Best Buy in Schaumburg, Illinois

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Best Buy in Schaumburg, Illinois

By Steve Frenda - 07/16/2018

If you haven’t shopped at a Best Buy store recently, stop in. You’re in for a pleasant surprise. Amazon and the rest of the e-commerce world can’t generate the experience that Best Buy now delivers. A very visual environment coupled with knowledgeable “Blue Shirt” associates and price-matching guarantees seems to be a formula that is working. There are a lot of retailers that could learn a great deal by studying what this 50-year-old retailer has accomplished in reinventing itself as a destination.

Bottom line: If you are a brand and want to be noticed (and sold), you must invest in smart packaging and display.

  • A significant number of major brands have a store-within-a-store at Best Buy. Among them, Microsoft promotes its Windows software through a variety of PC brands, including Dell, HP, ASUS and Lenovo.
  • The stunning Samsung “store” is a one-stop shop featuring an array of Galaxy devices, including smartphones, PC’s, tablets, smart watches and a variety of headsets and headphones.
  • The most significant store-within-a-store, as you might imagine, is the Apple entry, which includes a wide range of iPhones, iPads, Macs, wireless headphones, earphones and smartwatches. It’s a miniature version of an Apple Store.
  • Looking for newer entries, I found the Amazon Alexa kiosk is filled with the original Echo, plus extensions such as Dot and Plus, as well as video models now available in Echo Spot and Echo Show, which play a variety of media from Amazon Prime. Not pictured is another standalone kiosk that promotes the Amazon Fire series of handhelds and tablets. It is designed to play all of the media on Prime as well as shop.
  • Even the “shelf sets” are taking on a new look in several departments. Best Buy has made a major commitment to smart home devices as a category of the future. Major segments include home monitoring/security, thermostats, lighting and entertainment – all integrated by voice assistants.


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